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Our Superfood Energy Bars

Specializing in wholesome, superfood ingredients

5th Dimension Foods is a small batch gluten-free, vegan bakery in a dedicated kitchen. We offer amazingly delicious sweet and savory treats and our products are made without gluten, dairy, egg, and soy, processed sugar, preservatives, or animal products.

 Meet Katelyn, the founder and visionary behind 5th Dimension Foods. After years of suffering from chronic health issues, she was diagnosed with autoimmune Celiac Disease. Out of a necessity to heal, she began my journey with healing through food. From this knowledge, she discovered her passion as a holistic-minded culinary teacher, chef, and recipe creator, helping others with food intolerances. She believes and live this lifestyle every day (her family STILL eats a 5D energy bar for breakfast every morning)

The only energy bar with 100% wholesome ingredients.

You deserve something that fuels you, supports you, and indulges you all at the same time.

That’s the 5D experience

No Preservatives or Stabilizers

Low-Carb and Paleo Friendly


Highest Quality Ingredients

Raw Vegan

Plant-Based Goodness


And Grain-Free Too!


No added sugar, no cane sugar ever!

Beyond the Bar

Custom Cakes & Cheezecakes
Gluten-Free + Vegan

Custom Cakes & Cheezecakes

for your next celebration
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Pre-Order for Pickup

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Gluten-Free + Vegan

Cooking Classes

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Every Sunday at Rillito Park Farmer's Market

Rillito Park Location, Tucson AZ

Farmers Market Food Pavilion, 4502 North 1st Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85719

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Sun: 9:00 - 1:00

What our customers say


I want to let you know that the chocolate ganache birthday cake you made for my husband's birthday was the most exquisite looking and tasting cake that we’ve EVER had! Every bite was a taste sensation! I don't think you could find baked goods of your quality anywhere else on the planet and I'm not exaggerating. We are very particular about what we consume and the ingredients you use are of the highest quality bar none. We are gluten-free, dairy-free and eat organic and are so grateful to you for creating baked goods that we can eat and that truly bring JOY with every bite! We will definitely be ordering all of our cakes from you from now on! Thank you Katelyn!!


The superfood bars are my go-to fuel for ultra marathons. Delicious!! The only thing bad about these bars is when they run out too soon, which is anytime I share them with friends. They are my go-to fuel for ultra marathons, mountain bike trips, or any activity that requires stamina. Nice bonus that my toddler and husband enjoy them too!!


I got home, and decided to just try 'one' bite of the chocolate cheezecake. OMG Soooo  incredible. I'm lucky I didn't purchase the large size. Because the small one didn't last more than the time it took me to eat it.One of your best creations!!

TalisaTucson, AZ

Sustained energy. The superfood energy bar is so earthy, rich, and delicious! After eating one in the rising, I feel full and I experienced sustained energy. I love how chewy and light it is!

TerryBend, OR

I’m so excited that the 5th Dimension bars are here! I love this bar that is like a homemade bar. It is so scrumptious and I love that it is made with 100% REAL ingredients! It tastes incredible and has a great texture. It’s the perfect food for me to pack for a hike or bike ride, and it provides me great energy. I also love that it is easy to digest. These bars combine convenience with healthy and delicious. Perfect to satisfy my sweet cravings with no guilt. Delicious bites of goodness with ingredients from mother nature.

CharryTucson, AZ

I am absolutely hooked on these bars. They are almost sweet, but not quite, and I can reach for them when my blood sugar has crashed and I want a healthy option, or when I want an almost-desert (that little bit of chocolate on the outside satisfies my sweet craving). I can't wait for them to become available in stores so I can keep my addiction well satisfied.

JulieTucson, AZ

Helps with cravings. The 5D bar is sooo good! I love how it feels like a treat but isn't too sweet! Really helps with cravings and not eating junk foods. Like a little hug for your insides.


Your desserts were fabulous. Thank you so much for making my birthday special!

You deserveSomething that fuels you, supports you, and indulges you all at the same timeThat’s the 5D experience